Missouri Area Health Education Center

We believe the key to creating healthier communities starts with students. We connect these fresh minds with health care professionals who can provide them with the education and mentorship to confidently pursue health care careers vital to the future of Southeast Missouri.

Enhancing access to health care.
Growing Missouri's medical workforce.

At SEMO AHEC, we are always working toward a more health conscious public. Our goal is to provide informative and educational activities to developing minds and to connect future health care professionals with doctors, nurses, and other experts who can guide them according to their own experiences and expertise.


Granting high school students and undergraduates a greater understanding of the healthcare and medical fields through educational opportunities, career planning and health awareness programs.


One of SEMO AHEC's primary objectives to connect our student participants with highly qualified mentors whose skills and professional goals are compatible with the student's potential career path.


Whether you're a student or a parent, don't miss an opportunity to use the courses, activities, and other resources we have to offer. As a professional, learn when and where you can contribute to your community.

Working toward a
healthier Southeast Missouri

Beginning with education and ending with highly qualified health care contributors, our programs aim to benefit the wellness of Missourians now and into the future.

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Who We Are

SEMO AHEC is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing our community's access to care by helping young people pursue important health care careers.

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What We Do

We recruit high school students and undergraduates interested in working in Missouri's health care space, training them in local clinics and hospitals, and sponsoring continued education programs.

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Why We Do This

Areas in Southeast Missouri and across the country are at risk or currently underserved, unable to access the quality and variety of care necessary for a healthy and happy future.

Case Studies Success Stories

Every career and every healthy life has a story. These are just a few instances that illustrate the importance of what we can do together.

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