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Our national history. Our local commitment.

The Southeast Missouri
Area Health Education Center

A program created and developed by Congress in 1971, Area Health Education Centers throughout the country educate, recruit, train and retain a healthcare workforce committed to serving the health and wellness needs of our most at-risk rural and underserved communities.

The AHEC program helps bring the resources of academic medicine to your community, attracting developing minds and encouraging them to put their future talents to use in their own communities—the communities that often need them the most. The AHEC Network successfully adapts national initiatives to help address healthcare issues and obstacles on regional and local levels.

SEMO AHEC focuses on the exposure, education and training of healthcare workers throughout Southeast Missouri We put all of our resources into enhancing our current and future healthcare infrastructure by focusing on the improvement of the healthcare system. We work with academic institutions, healthcare settings (including CHCs), behavioral health practices and numerous community-based organizations serving Southeast Missouri.

The SEMO AHEC Mission

The National AHEC organization represents a network of more than 300 AHEC program offices and centers serving more than 85% of counties across the United States.

Advocacy, education and research define the SEMO AHEC mission to enhance access to quality primary and preventive healthcare by improving the supply and distribution of healthcare professionals via strategic partnerships with academic programs, communities and professional organizations.

Our Diversity Statement

Through longstanding partnerships, SEMO AHEC develops and trains a diverse, culturally appropriate, high-quality, team-based healthcare workforce with an emphasis on primary care for rural and underserved communities.

NAO welcomes and accepts diversity to recognize value and learn from all people of varying cultural backgrounds—regardless and inclusive of age, physical/mental ability, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, national origin, religion, socioeconomic status, and geographic region.